Shopping Bag - French Vintage Chat Noir

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  • Product Description

    Why shop in beige? Look chic instead with this eye-catching shopping bag with one of the most iconic of French vintage images, le Chat Noir (the black cat). Looking good doesn't mean it's delicate. We have several of these ourselves and after a few years of use, they are still going strong.

    • Bag is made of polypropylene plastic.
    • Durable, foldable and washable.
    • Black woven fabric carry handles.
    • Black cat image is the same on both bag sides.
    • Dimensions: H 35cm W 45cm D 20cm (14 x 18 x 8 inches)
    • Imported from France.


    The story of the Chat Noir
    This iconic image is an advertising poster; it says 'The tour of the Black Cat by Rodolphe Salis'. It advertised the tour of the shadowpuppet theatre "Le Chat Noir" of Rodolphe Salis.

    Le Chat Noir was a famous and extremely popular Paris nightclub (1881-1897). The owner, Rodolphe Salis, was an acid-tongued, sarcastic and rude master of ceromonies, who avoided paying his staff, suppliers and artists. However he was a great showman and innovative. He is credited with being the creator of the modern cabaret, was the first to play music in a tavern and attracted exceptional artists of all kinds, and a large crowd.

    In the 1890's, Rodolphe took Chat Noir on tour around France, hiring theatres and venues - another innovation at the time.

    A clever move by Rodolphe was to commission the Art Nouveau artist Théophile Steinlen to design signs and posters for his cabaret and tours. It is these wonderful artworks which are Rodolphe's lasting legacy of the long gone Le Chat Noir.

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