Our Story

Dianna and Ruby

The Ruby Oracle opened for business in October 2006, and was established by myself, Dianna, with my husband, Chris, supported by our daughter Amy. The Ruby Oracle is my vision of everything I look for when I go shopping – a shop with character, old world charm, warm and friendly service and products that are different - preferably French.

The Ruby Oracle quickly developed into a French boutique selling jewellery, gifts, décor and fashion accessories. The style of the boutique is distinctive and Parisian. I have been told this not only by visitors from around Australia but also from Parisian’s here on holiday – surely they would know! Our focus is on products that are good quality, stylish, elegant and of French origin.

Our customer service style is warm, friendly and individual. We are passionate about our products and pride ourselves in our product knowledge.

Our customers tell us that they appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of what we offer, the sincerity of our service and the passion with which it is delivered. We provide unbiased advice for jewellery selections – we want you to be happy with your purchase and wanting to come back rather than feeling you were talked into buying something you are not comfortable with.

The Ruby Oracle’s speciality and passion, is French jewellery. We travel to Paris every year to order collections from several brands which we enjoy and which have their own story. We hear these stories from the artisans themselves – this is what inspires us. We hope you enjoy them too.

Great Aunt Ruby

The boutique is in part named after my Great Aunt Ruby. Ruby was born in 1897 and when I was a young girl, I met Ruby (she was in her 70’s) and got to know her. I always remembered Ruby for her elegance, style and her passion for jewellery. She was a natural inspiration to me.  When I took an interest in my heritage (I was in my twenties) I managed to make contact with one of the last of Great Aunt Ruby’s family. He had several framed portraits of Ruby, which he allowed me to copy. One of these portraits now hangs on the wall behind our counter.

Mademoiselle Ruby

No French boutique is complete without a Pooch. Our Ruby, named after Great Aunt Ruby, is the perfect dog for the job. For a start, she is quite small petite! Being a Maltese - Toy Poodle cross, Ruby is, of course, partly French! She has a wonderful temperament, doesn’t bark (much) and loves people. She can be found most of the time in her basket on the front counter, asleep admittedly but she doesn’t mind being woken up to sniff hello and accept adulation. On occasion, she has been known to suggest her choice of earrings from the selection in front of an undecided customer. How French!